Plsss Help Fiesta AXLE snapped

Okay I have dropped my Fiesta countless times i thought it was Indestructible However while i was playing the axle snaped and is now stuck in the 2 sides.

The axles are too short to maintain a grip of its only 1 or 2 mm out of the yoyo

If you have ANY IDEA
otherwise my fiesta will rip

you can crazy glue another axle of some sort to the inside of the axle stuck in your fiesta and then twist it out since u have an axle sticking out the hold on to

You can’t just say contact Andre. First of all it seems like he’s had it for a while. Second he must have bought it here in order to contact Andre. Basically you are out of luck on this one.

there’s a tool called a screw/bolt extractor. look like this
you can find them at any hardware store :slight_smile:

Problem with that is you have to drill a hole down the middle of that set screw. Now that wouldn’t be so hard if it was a 1/4’’ set screw. But it’s not. It tiny. Me a modder and a machinist won’t even do it so…

well if it’s either get the axle out, or trash it, I’d atleast try using a bolt extractor. Try a few other things first, of course, but if nothing else I could think of worked, I’d try it.

If there is something to grab onto(and I’ve had to pull a good many miracles using this method):

A pair of pliers, some patience and a decent method to secure the object can go a long way. There was an earthquake and a 60-inch rack full of gear, well, the heads of all bolts sheered(as by design), but then all this high-end gear came crashing down. Fortunately, the damage was minor. I had to remove each bolt by hand using this method. I didn’t need to secure anything, the rack was heavy enough as it is so it wouldn’t go anywhere. I had at least .125" to work with on each bolt. I’ve had to do it with less bolt sticking out to work with, but not in the same numbers. For me, 1-2MM is plenty to work with if you are willing to be patient and have a really good set of pliers.

This might be a good time to suggest that it might be advisable to stock up on replacement parts. Now that you bring up this example, when I buy some stuff here in the next few weeks, I think I’ll add some replacement axles to the order just to cover accidents. They are so affordable you could buy them a few at a time to have available for emergencies, or for routine replacement. Plus, if you didn’t buy from here, contact the sales folks for advisement on what you should purchase. They’ll make sure you get set up properly. If they put up with my questions, they’ll gladly answer yours as well.

I haven’t tried those bold extractors. I’ve been fortunate to have something to grab onto. A brother in law had to get some bolts out of a snow board that sheered at the deck level. He used a bolt extractor set. It worked for him.