Pleeeeeeeease help!!!!!!

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ok so i have a DM and i was wondering if i where to replace the o-ring with silicon response would it be less responsive?


Yes, it would be more unresponsive. You will have to break it in though.


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It might be more and it might be less responsive, depending how good of a job you do.

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do a good job on what? and how long will i have to break it in?


First of all. Are we talking replaceable with flowable silicone, or a silicone pad?
Because yes, you can put flowable silicone in place of a O-ring, and depending on how good of a job you do on that it will either be more responsive or less responsive. but once you break whether you did a good job or not initially it in it will be more unresponsive… Don’t think you can put a silicone pad in it though.


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