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For Sale:

Pink Turning Point Positron Marcus Koh (Kill Everyone) Edition. It’s in the same shape as the day it was made.
Absolutely smooth throwing YoYo. I would expect at least $115.00 or OBO-------SOLD

Also a Mint Skywalker for sale. I’m expecting at least $110.00 or OBO------SOLD

Both of these YoYo’s are duplicates, or I would just keep them.
I have the bag for the Positron, & the box for the Skywalker.
I treat my YoYo’s extremely well, so these are both in excellent condition. Neither have been dinged or sustained any damage from me throwing them. They have both barely been thrown.

I have a quite large collection (300+), so all trade offers will have to be something on my “Wants List”.

Either way, Thank You for looking. ;D

PM me only please.

Wants: YoYo’s must not be beat or dinged. I only sell & buy YoYo’s that are in Excellent condition.

YYR Gleipner
YYR Clash
SPYY Amplifier
Oxygene io
CLYW Cliff
YYF Super G (7075)