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My first B/S/T on the forums, trying to get rid of throws I don’t use anymore.

CLYW (black yeti, gnarwhal 2)
Gen Yo

FS/FT: All yoyo’s are mint (lightly thrown) except for the DV888 and Atmosphere (damage shown)
Have boxes for all but the lizard and fireball.

Left to Right:
Henry’s Lizard, Yomega Fireball, YYF Plastic Grind Machine, YYJ Atmosphere, C3 Halo(blue hubs), YYF NorthStar, YYF Yuuksta, OD Dingo, YYF DV888, OD Cascade, G2 Albatross(Freedom Colorway), OD Markmont Classic(gonna be really hard to get me to give this one up).

PM with offers. Will go cheap on the plastics and damaged throws.

P.S. Also have an xbox 360 w/ games and wireless tritton warhead 7.1 headset if anyone is interested