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Duplicated this thread before I learned that I could just edit it (facepalm). Please close.


Price for node ? And whats the delivery cost to deliver to india ?

The node is currently pending payment from another user–if they back out I’ll let you know!



I can’t for the life of me figure out how I edited this post before–can anyone help me out?

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press the little edit pen thing at the top of the listing and then the edit post button that appears down the bottom

The edit pen takes me to a “History” screen but I can’t find any other editing option

im out, thats the extent of my knowledge sorry.

i believe press the three dots below your comment, and there should be a little pen you can click.

No worries, thanks for trying!

Pressed the dots–no sign of the pen!

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hmm… i see the pen just right below my post, whether i clicked the dots or not.

No sign of it. Mystery of mysteries. Thanks for the thoughts though!

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my pleasure! :smiley:

what shall be the delivery cost to India ?

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