Plastic Whip Help

Hi, Ok so I’ve looked at the video here and still cant get it, any tips of other vids that might help me with it?

NOTE-I have legacy

Here is another video.

Just try creating the motion without actually whipping the yo-yo.
The whole idea in the beginning is to focus on creating that loop that goes over your thumb.  Then once you have that the key is to control that to grab the yo-yo.

yo if you are a right handed yoer, whip the string farther to the left than you think. second a little thing that i do to catch it everytime, is to, after you whip the string, curl your 4 fingers in towards your body and slide your thumb down the string and have your thumb point to the left. it looks kind of like when a king or queen sticks their hand out for someone to kiss it. i know it might sound stupid, but its a good visual for you to try. imagery is everything, and remember to slide your thumb down.