Plank4God, is a really good friend and really understand. DEAL WITH HIM!

Man, this guy gives me such an easy time when i deal with him. Its butter smooth. Can i get a choir band to say “AMEN”? So, if you ever want to do business with him or even ask him a question do it, he’s pretty chill and very very understanding and trusting and EASY as (use of profanity to uplift someone else, alert) HELL to deal with. So, go for it and im pretty sure the 11th commandment will be


i swear i asked moses this morning when Steve Jobs was doing work on his tablets and he said, why not?

Thanks Pete!

Sweet. I am in the process of trading my dandelion chief for plank4god’s minty mint chief. Was doing my homework and was glad to see this and his 40+ positive feedback. Looking forward to a flawless transaction! :slight_smile:

I second this! Great trader! Even added insurance as I asked. Great to deal with!