Pick my next yoyo review

Alright some of you remember my review on the Superstar (if not here is the link - http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,1793.0.html.) I believe that my goal to brighten some opionions on the yoyofactory wonder was successful. But, after that I kinda dropped outta the mix and I apologize for that. Now I want to work hard towards a new review but I need to know something first.
Which yoyo should be the feature in my next review??? You can view the options above. I love all of these yoyos and feel that they need some extra special recognition but unfortunately, I can only do one at a time. So which should it be. And just fyi, the higby fhz would be more reviewing the looks rather than the play because that is what sets that yo-yo apart from most.

        Thanks and its glad to be back and throwin (even though i technically never went away! ;)

Hayabusa SL or DV888.

That was actually what i was leaning towards!

Higby FHZ.

We’ve heard enough of the Dv888 reviews, and the OgoPogo, and the Offstrings.

Time to mix it up. :wink:

Not just any Higby Zero…

A Helping (Free)Hand!!!

K2J Warning Line

I challenge you to do the next Jazz-yo!

I put dv888. It’s my favorite.

I was serious about my Jazz-Yo challenge. If you have the guts to buy a yoyo from Jazz-Yo and give at good, serious in-depth review, you wil receive great respect. Especially considering that Jazz-Yo will probably drop their Saturn, a YYJ synergy like yoyo in metal with ceramic bearing-rims.

Addment: All props to the first person taking on this challenge.

EDIT: You’d have to buy the yoyo as soon as it drops without reading any form of review.


I’d do it if I had cash :


We need to mix it up.

vote some more guys. I am reviewing what comes out on top!

Keep votin’. Im thinkin im gonna do the next review on the first one to reach 10 votes.

Oopogo and Dv888 had been reviewed. So, I say FHZ.

Happy Throwing! =]

K2J Warning Line. Or if you must, then FHZ.