Pick 2: TCL 650b, Deep State, Serenade

Would rather not, but it must be done.
Choose any 2: $60 shipped

• CoreCo TCL edition 650b
• Thesis Serenade
• One Drop Deep State (half black/half silver)




Serenade and Carlson still available, RD-1 on hold.
These are SUPER fun players. Hit me up if you have offers on any or all.

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ooof, those look nice!

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Bump it!

RD1 is on hold at present but take the Thesis and TMBR for 75 shipped!

Bump with an all-new deal. <3

The Deep State looks amazing. I have 4 of them otherwise I would grab this one! Great seller and great deals.

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Bumpers! Could ship you great yoyos tomorrow!

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if nobody has taken you up on it yet I’ll take the 650b and Deep State.

Apologies - I intended to close this one as I decided to hang onto the 650b for nostalgic reasons. Willing to let the other 2 go, but not worth advertising lol. Mods plz close.

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Are you still selling the Deep State (and/or the 650b) since you posted last?