phenomizm or sfx

ive been looking at them and they are very similar… but which one is better

hmm idk i would think they play the same but the phenomizm has the kk.

if u get the phenomizm its like 26 bucks more than the sfx

KK has nothing to do with the play or anything. :wink:
Phenomizm plays almost as well as a PHENOM and PHENOM seems to pwn most yoyos’. I’d choose Phenomizm. :slight_smile:

well y does the phenomizm play better than a sfx…???

i have them both and honestly the play the same, the only good thing is that the phenomizm has a kk in it so just save yourself some money and get an sfx and a kk

also the mirror caps on the phenomizm get annoying they get faded and scratched and smudged

thanks for ur input guys ! ill save myself some money and get the sfx

actually kks have improved the smoothness of my throws and made them spin longer and less snaggy, i would say they make a difference.

but yes there is a difference maybe thats you becuase smoothness doesn’t usually come in kk bearings. KK bearings are made the same way as a normal stainless, but that the outer shell is concave shaped to prevent string friction which doesn’t really work. And also one note: Any bearing except for ceramic, won’t increase spintime. They have the same stainless steel balls. 10 ball may be smoother or maybe an AIGR. Even ceramic bearings don’t do much addition to spintime.