Phenomizm or Halo Reach?

i really want the phenomizm but i also want halo reach really bad.

i was thinking of waiting for christmas for one of them…

Which should i buy with my money and which should i get for christmas? ??? ??? ??? ??? pleasehelp :frowning:

What do you like most, video games or yoyos? Do you really want either or is it that they just came out and they look really cool? Don´t buy things out of impulse, buy them because they´re a good product and you will like them. When the YYJ fiesta came out I was like: Oh I need the new Fiesta looks so cool. Turns out I didn´t like the Fiesta.

i knew the phenomizm was comin out today and i knew about the phenomizm before worlds

A yoyo will provide entertainment forever, but video games will provide entertainment or about 6 months or so…

Well, for me.

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I would get the phenomizm

which should i get first

halo reach

(Halo Reach is not even that good… I like Super Mario Bros. more)

Halo Reach, personally. This is from a Halo fanboy, though.

4 words PHENOMIZM FTW :wink:

When you already have a yoyo to play with buying another one won’t provide more entertainment than a videogame.

You already have yoyos, but you don’t have halo reach.

“Halo Reach is not even that good”… The game has got nothing but stellar reviews.

i rented halo reach. dissapointment. the forge is interesting, but totally not worth it

phenomzim, yoyos are not made in large quantites…video games are.

You posted a yoyo or video game question on a YOYO website. 99% of the people here are going to say yoyo.

I’d get Reach, just because I lvoe the Halo series.

And Yoyos ARE made in large quantities Mr. 888. I’m not sure where you’ve been.

well, they ARE made in large quantites, its that, they sell out a lot faster than video games.

Well yeah, but that still doesn’t justify you saying that yoyos aren’t made in small quantities, just that they tend to sell out quicker.

Halo reach is really fun and the phonimizm is also really fun and a great throw so get you what you think you would use more

i am a yoyoer first and a game second. then a breather. i value both a lot. but this summer, i almost quit gaming for yoyoing and i was just really bored with most of my games.

being somewhat of a fanboy of V shapes, i would say get reach. this is the only game i could say that has a great multiplayer, yet if you dont have multiplayer, it is still worth it. i played the phenomizm and it is great, but seriously you have a yoyo. you dont have reach. i have played it a lot this weekend and last weekend for everything. all i want to do is play everything more. i go from online, to campagn to firefight to forge like an ADHD squirrel on speed. it is really good. if this didn’t come out, i probably would have ended up selling my xbox.

Get the Phenomizm. Mainly because i hate halo.