PHENOM FOR TRADE!!!!! Phenom/Equilateral/Dark Magic II Prototype


I have a YYJ Phenom for trade. I will trade it for a Caribou Lodge Bonfire. I will consider a V or H shaped yoyo of a similar price to the Phenom. Please don’t offer an organic-shaped yoyo.

My other offer is a YYJ Phenom, YYF Equilateral and YYJ Dark Magic II Prototype in exchange for a Something Anglam, Anglam CC or a Oxygene Megatron.

I am open to counter-offers.

Note: Phenom and Dark Magic II have no caps and they both have slight scuffs on the edge. The “no caps” do not impede performance. The Equilateral has slight scratches on the inside mirror.

Every yoyo I ship has a freshly, lubed bearing and I will put new, unused Venom string on each yoyo.


You need pics, the thread will be locked

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