pgm vs protostar

So I’m looking for a plastic for 5a. I know the protostar is a beast. But I have been told stacks are good for 5a. So which do you recommend?

The ProtoStar has an ideal shape for the 5a grip. Stacks are good only for a few tricks in 5a, you really won’t need em alot. The protostar will spin longer for more tricks because of the center track bearing.So yeah, protostar.

Same, totally agree with you.

Personally, I really didn’t like the Protostar. Don’t get me wrong, its a smooth throw, just not my taste in shape. I did have a Die Nasty and that is very similar to the PGM, it was a great player. Loved the feel of it in your hands too.

Can’t wait to get my protostar tommorrow green