PGM v2 Arrows

I just received my PGM v2, and it is awesome. But there is one problem. I took the hubstacks off just because I was curious to see how they worked. I put the yoyo back together and screwed it tight, but I noticed something. The arrows on the sides don’t line up anymore. It doesn’t not affect play, but will this cause a problem? ??? Thanks. :wink:

If it doesn’t affect play it shouldn’t be a problem. I didn’t know the PGM had arrows I thought that was the protostar.

yes my pgmv2 has those arrows and mine dont line up. on mine tho it is because i dont tighten it all the way. maybe urs isnt tightened all the way too

Yeah, I thought that too, but the thing is I have tightened it the farthest I will go without risking breaking it. The arrows are on completely opposite sides. :-\

You have accidentally changed the alignment of the bolt and nut. Tuning it done in the same way. See my post on tuning a yo-yo with a bolt and nut for more information.