my new video using a g-squared quake and albatross. hope you all enjoy

Whaaaaaat? I see you are a bit of a slacker haha. Great tricks, did you make them all yourself? because that takes some serious skills man.

You’re a slacker mcfly.

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That green triangle trick at the end was awesome! Great tricks.

Slack conforms to your will

Wow I haven’t seen slack like this before, super refreshing to see something so different!
I remember seeing your stuff years ago on YYN with the crazy suicides. Cool to see a familiar face!

THIS WAS AMAZING! I love watching slack tricks. I have trouble doing them though.

Dem slacks tho.

Insane… :o

thanks for the feedback everyone bump :slight_smile:

another bump :slight_smile:



sniff sniff

Do I smell…


a sponsorship?

happily sponsored by g-squared :slight_smile:

I’ve watched this probably 5 or 6 times since it was uploaded. Absolutely stunning!! Great tricks, Jesse!