Peak -Solid Gold Dancer FS (LF 28 Stories)


Having a cash emergency. Not super stoked on getting rid of this. Only trades I will accept are other early run Peaks plus cash. Your 28 Stories and a few hundred dollars could grab you this one of a kind. Cash offers otherwise. Its also on eBay.

If it doesn’t sell cash this time, the only other time it will leave my possession is if its going to a 28 Stories owner.So if you want it I’d get on it. Will take a lot of money.
Any questions can be directed to me via PM, Google “CLYW Peak History Thread” for a full history.


We got about 9 hours to go on this guy and the red MG. Good luck to anybody seriously trying to pick one of those up.


And any 28 Stories owners, I’m still open to a trade plus cash.

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