Patrick Canny and Garrett Warner-We Don't Know How to Use a Green Screen.

New edit with the homie Garrett Warner! Check it out!!

Let us know what you think!

Nice vid.

You two are very skilled with the yoyo. I am impressed.

Whoa, that was awesome, I think you broke my brain.

Your skills are uncanny ;D

Love it. Not only are the tricks great and the filming quality decent, but you guys look like you’re really having fun.

Flip, that was amazing! You guys have some serious skills…!

Dang those tricks tho, that was eye popping amazing :o!

Thanks for all the positive feedback guys! We’ll be putting out more edits when we have time, but this is the last for a while!!! Means a lot that it’s gotten great feedback from you all :slight_smile:

I’mma bump this because I fear enough people didn’t see it. It’s a good one!

You guys did an excellent job with this video. It was fun and very entertaining to watch.

That last Trick was Killer!

I watched it twice. So good! One of my favorite yoyo videos. Love both of your styles. Should I subscribe?

I think YESS.