Part 2 of 2: HSPIN releases and activity in 2010

We are 25% into the year 2010 and I am excited to finally post the second part of our 2010 update.

*** Modular Yoyo Series - “Weapon Of Choice” ***
HSPIN brings you the “Weapon Of Choice” series of yoyos, the first design ever that will allow players to choose and custom-design their yoyo’s handling along three parameters! The challenge is back on you to know what you really want in a yoyo!

Do you?

“Too light, too heavy, too small bearing, too big bearing, too much kick back, feels too light…” - our community is very specific (and demanding!) of what we want. There is no such thing as the best yoyo, but there are many good yoyos that suit many people’s preferences.
The weapon of choice is a series of 6 V-shape yoyos that incorporate all the latest design elements.
You can independently choose
– Bearing size (small HSPIN, large Oxy-size)
– Weight (lighter 64-65g, heavier 66-68g)
– Inertia (rim-weighted, center-weighted)

We will help you determine what model is right for you, and custom-made-to-order yoyo for you in spring/summer 2010! Preorder is necessary.

*** Hadrien Bennaceur ***

The HSPIN NETWORK is extremely proud of its latest joining member. Hadrien Bennaceur has decided to join us, and with him he brings several talents. While he is one of the World’s best players who has experience battling on stage at the World Yoyo Contest, he is also an outstanding CAD designer and CNC machine programmer. What more could we want in one person? Riiiight… did I forgot to mention he plays the diabolo like a god?
But why do I think that Hadrien is best to flourish with HSPIN?
Because we have demonstrated to involve enthusiasts and players closer to the design and production process of our yoyos than others. In less than two weeks, Hadrien whipped up the first drafts of 4 (!) signature series yoyos, which are being fine-tuned as we speak. Expect so much more from us with his muscle.

*** Genuine Spin ***
Hadrien is helping Spencer to design his first three yoyo creations. Spencer is working on follow-up articles on his debut article on boutique yoyos. Pop by the webpage every now and then to see what’s cooking. In line with the “solid, down to earth” theme of this brand, we’ll refrain from talking too much about it, but expect you to read up if you’re interested.

*** Series of signature yoyos for core series and hspin ***
Our first yoyo from the Core Series was extremely successfully launched, shipped and tested. Our first batch was sold out within a week and all have been received by our retail partners. The packaging innovation to put the yoyo into a pair of socks (leaving almost nothing for the trash bin) has been received with surprise, giggle and happiness… and new socks on everyone’s feet! Expect more yoyos to come from our affordable line of yoyos.

*** Chazoke - collaboration with Chaz and Oke
Before we launched the BeySick production in India, we tried this yoyo with our proven manufacturers. Here is a small trial batch of the BeySick, made in Switzerland, with our world class coating, design work by Oke Rosgana and extra pads by Chaz… Chazoke! :slight_smile: Less than 15 pieces available.
Visit this link for availability:
(we hope the owner of this forum does not mind this reference given the very low availability).

Enjoy. 2010 will continue to be great.


Good luck HSPIN!


Good job HSpin, you are pretty much the only company awesome enough for Hadrien.