PanHandle Florida

Was wondering if there was anybody by fort walton beach, etc. Orlando and others down by it are 5+ hours away and I am not going to drive that once a week.

Just moved to Pensacola… Looking for others to mess around with

I will be moving to Fort Walton Beach at the end of December. If something hasn’t started by then, I will get it going. I am buying a house with a shop/garage, so we have a location to hang if we don’t find something more public.

Just over a month away from me arriving in Florida. Purchasing my house is going as planned so there will be a fall back location for sure now. Probably start up the meets after the new year. See you soon.

I work in fwb area. I’m down to throw whenever. Pm me

I am here, and settled in, but I have never been more busy in my entire life. I will be temporarily in PCB for 6 weeks starting mid April. Once I get back I will be able to set a date for a meetup.

Yo, I’m in Pensacola, I throwdown from time to time even had Pensacola YoYo Club a couple years ago we had like 6 people! But most are off doing other things now when ever you want to meet you let me know…