Panda's BST- Looking for YYJ Lateral Caps

Looking for trades and YYJ lateral caps but won’t turn down a good cash offer. I love Japanese bimetals, especially Sturm Panzer, YYR and Sengoku! Don’t be afraid to make any offer.

Sturm Panzer- Leo Sniper mk2

Turning Point- Paranoid

Tropic Spins- Proto Finch

YYJ- Prototype

YYF- Cyborg 2, Metal Replay, Boss, Golden Galaxy TooHot, Popstar

Sengoku- Nobunaga

YoyoJoker- New Doublejoker

Would you trade the shipwreck for: Werrd Hour, YYF TooHOT, YYF Horizon, Duncan Strix, Yomega Prodigy, or a YYJ Phenomizm?

Would you let the vk go for $40? And can you send me some pics of the vk and yyj prototype :slight_smile:

I have a few sets of lateral caps from Yoyo jam