For those who don’t understand, I’m trading a Fiesta for only one of these deals. Keep getting PMs about people demanding I trade one for one.

I’m ONLY looking for Shinwoo Griffin Wing v2s, and I want two of them. These things are dirt cheap, so I think that a Fiesta for two of them is worth it, especially if they’re used. The Fiesta is not mint, but it isn’t dying either. Offstring marks from hitting a lot of things.

Do YOU have a GWv2?
-Has no holes in the response area. Remove the hub. If there are no holes in the hub area that the response fits into, then it is a v2
-Comes with the weird starburst response on the other side of the regular response (as shown in picture)

I also want a Bigyo as long as it isn’t too beat and doesn’t have any drawings on it or anything. No cracks either.

Want a Pocket Change w/ Offstring parts. Will trade the Fiesta straight for that as long as there are no cracks in the Offstring. Don’t care bout color. This is my top priority.