Out of state contest

If I live in Ohio and I wanted to compete in the Indiana competition would I be able to?

I’m not really sure, but I live in New Hampshire, and pretty much only compete in Massachusetts. I guess it would depend on the competition.

You live in New Hampshire?

Where? Me too!!!

I don’t think you’d be prevented from competing.

I know that in CalStates, there’s some interesting rules regarding out of state competitors. I think it has to do with how certain things get awarded. You can still win it. You’d have to check the CalState’s web site to see how they deal with it.

Other contests may or may not have the same kind of rules. I don’t think any contests prevent anyone from competing.

I’m from az and competed in california contests. The only catch with competing in state you don’t live in is that even if you win you arn’t the indiana state champion unless you are a resident of indiana. Well at least thats how it worked cal states. the highest placing resident gets the title.

Well I think I was just going to try the sports ladder. If I were to come in first in that do you think it would still count?

I live in the state of confusion most of the time which negates any residency requirements…


In most state contests, you can compete, but you cannot be the state champion if you don’t live there, even if you win overall. The rules for a regional contest are usually similar. In either case you may earn a seeding in a higher level contest regardless of where you live. Normally the ladder does not qualify for a “state champion” label so it probably doesn’t matter. Each contest differs slightly - check the rules where you want to enter.

I have never seen or heard of a state or regional contest in the USA that didn’t allow competitors from anywhere, even outside the USA. The main difference is that if you win you won’t be considered the official state champion for seeding purposes, merely the winner of the contest. At a regional contest, there are specific seeding rules for out-of-region competitors, but no restrictions on who may compete. PNWR and BAC are regional contests that are particularly popular for out-of-region competitors.

Nationals are generally the only contests that restrict their entrants based on place of residence. EYYC does as well, but it also has a special division for competitors from outside Europe.