Orange Dingo FT

Just offer anything. it has 1 little ding in it and it doesn’t affect play at all.

And i have 2 zippos. if you want just offer!

how about a pgm2 or a legacy or could maybe do legacy and kickside ?? thanks shane

How about an X-Convict with a KK bearing and silicone? It also comes with the stock bearing and the original o-rings if you don’t like the others.

no thanks ive already got an x-con

i would really like a dingo. i know its kinda a long shot cuz i dont have much to trade, but how about a metal zero (grey inside, barely played so in good condish) i might be able to add in a duncan reflex (i dont think it has been thrown more than twice)

nty sry

a black yomega case with 2 reflex (never through but out of package)and a brain


how bout a red duncan screaming eagle MayheM in excellent condition?

If you give some cash or add another yoyo I’ll trade a General Yo Ministar (B-Grade)

how about pgm2 and a legacy both for dingo

White absolutely MINT atmosphere with a KK? Hasn’t been thrown more than 4 times.

Dark Blue, Dark Magic, (if not enough ill add money)


Dark Blue, Dark Magic, i’ll add extra money if necessary