Only thing left is Marble FH1 everything else is sold.

If anyone is interested. I have 2 (Marble Dark Magics) in box I got from Dan at YYJ about 10 years ago I’m looking to sell. I also have a Red Duncan FH1 in package up for grabs.

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Merged all of them here.

Heres a FH1 I need to sale. I’ll consider reasonable offers.

I have a Trans. FH1 for sale if anyone is interested its not in pack. Buts its mint.

Some say marble some say transitional. Anyway sorry for double posting on this Yo. Its in amazing condition(mint if you will). When I got this yo I had just heard about the mold breaking at Duncan. I threw a few times uscrewed it, put it in my yo cabinet and never got around to modding it. Could be a great finf for someone. If interested email me if you would. Il’ll will likely consider any offers.
Thanks, Keith