OneDrop yoyos for 3A

I’m looking at yet again, another 3A pair.
I’ve been looking at OneDrop lately
And now smacking myself for not looking at their yoyos!
The Burnside and Dang look FANTASTIC for 3a
Could someone tell me which they would prefer?

Leaning towards the Dang for side effect usage though.

Actually, a code 2 looks like it’d be VERY nice for 3A too.


not huge into 3A but I would probably lean towards the Burnside’s… The Dang is way to light for my taste! The Code 2 is not a bad choice if you need a side effect yoyo but is a bit wider than the Burnside.

My vote goes to the Burnside for a OneDrop 3A yoyo but it’s all preference! :wink:

Well as a OneDrop player who has tried or owned just about all of them i will say this…


…all the above work well for 3A, the 54 isnt as “Forgiving” as has more of a tendency to tilt but still works for 3A if you have enough control. The DANG is not that great for 3A, the diameter makes it deceiving, while it is in the right range,however it has a pretty aggressive highwall that makes tilt a pain in te butt. So, possible yes, but ideal no.

But you really cant go wrong with Code1’s , Code2’s or Burnsides. But burnsides are on the heavy end of the spectrum at around 67grams, so stay away from those if you dont like heavy throws.

In the end, it all comes down to preference. What works for you and is comfortable is all that matters, have fun and throw hard!

hope this helps!

So Dang+54= no nos?

And I didn’t like the code 1Feel.
And so Code2s vs Burnsides hmm.
I may just get both if I could xD
And a Lottt of side effects for the code 2 haha

Have you tried different side effects in the Dang? I need to stock up on One Drop side effects. I like it stock, but sometimes I wish it had a bit more heft to it. I might stuff some spikes in there, or go get some disc side effects, I think that would be sweet.

But for 3A, man, I don’t know. I think Burnsides or Code 1’s with brass domes.

Yeh, like i said, they are Use-able but not “Forgiving” or Ideal.
But yeh, Burnsides are solid. They just dont have the ability to change the weight if you find them too heavy. Sometimes i find them to be just too heavy, i usually prefer something in the 64-65g range, and tend to run Ultralites, Dietz or Lego side effects in most of my OneDrops.

But again, its all preference. So decide what feels right for you

What’s the lightest side effect besides Ultra lights?

And also. What if I put the discs in the Dang?
Would that add to stability as well as power?

Ultralites are the lightest.
As for the Disks/Dangs, i haven’t tried it yet but i have wondered the same thing. The disks do seem to add stability to the yoyos i have tried them in.

Then, when you have time, could you try that for me?
haha, sorry ive just looked at the dang so much and the shape looks so nice for 3A,
so if the discs would make the Dang more stable, by all means im getting 2 dangs and 2 discs!

also, whats the second lightest? Lego right?

I’ve yet to try anything 3a but I was under the assumption that you would want a smaller yoyo. The Dietz is small and with side effects it can be any weight that does the trick.

Sorry i dont have my dangs any more :frowning:
And yes, the legos are the next lightest, then the dietz and domes i believe

Not true at all, most 3A players prefer something in the 54-57mm range. Some as low as 52mm in diameter, but thats really as small as i would go. Large diameter, stable and adequately rim weighted are what you want to go for. Now width is another story, some like narrow and some like wide. Narrower yoyos are easier to hop in and out of diff string configuration. But some like wider throws for the stability they offer but you’ll sacrifice some maneuverability.

Although I don’t do 3A I imagine the Toxic Hazmat would also be great for 3A. Not actually OD but has a lot in common with them.

That is very true, the HazMat is great for 3A. Its machined by OneDrop anyway and uses SideEffects

You know what?
I’m gonna take the leap
And buy the Dangs anyways!
And the discs.
Worst comes to worst, I’ll have 2 new 1A throws
And with customizable weight so they can be different! Haha