OneDrop Yelets, $45 shipped!! (Or Trade)

Yelets—Solid Blue, MIB, $45 shipped OBO.
Comes with grey ULs, not Anti-Yo hearts as pictured

-OD, Project 1
-OD, Code 1
-OD, Code 2
-OD, Format C: (Will add for this :slight_smile: ) **

Bump…need some money

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Bump. If we make a deal the soonest I can ship is tuesday. Columbus day is monday :frowning:

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Prices cut

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Catalyst bump

Giant Bump. Updated the BST, I got 3 things for sale! Cascade, Gnarwhal, and Catalyst.

i might be interested in the clyw for the right price


I am almost totaly sure you can just go buy one of those at your local hardware store. They are called set screws.
Contact worrd and ask what size, threading and length they are before you head down to the hardware store. They should cost less then a dollar.

Thanks for the info! I’m just gotta take the TFL with me there and find one! :slight_smile: thanks

Up for grabs again, last trade fell though. Pm me with offers! Bump!