one yoyo for life


if you could have any but only one yoyo what would it be

mine would by a yoyo that changes into anythig that is invinubual with endless pads and green 100% poly string : ;D

(M.DeV1) #2

well i think you cheated.


I second that…

I would want an ivory yoyo with a nice grinding finish…(If you can do that to ivory…)

and it would have a silicone recess.

I would use my own strings…


if I had to choose today, I’ll get my YYF One

(Jei Cheetah) #5

I throw 2A, so no.




A YoYo that I like


It would be which one I happened to put in my pocket that day.


Easy. One Drop 54


gnarwhal or confection i cant decide blahhh maybe heavy cream only if i was aloud to change the response on it…


Dark Magic or a green Protostar A


Toss up between my SPYY Solaris or my CLYW Avalanche.


sasquatch, no doubt


Titanium. :'D An awesome grind surface and a satisfying amount of smoothness.

That would be so awesome


Turning point Positron or my Sleipnir

(_|@<06) #16

My Clyw Sebby Peak.

(but then secretly have a phenomizm under my hat, life will never know)


At this point in time, I’d be inclined to say TiWalker. It’s mid-sized and light but plays like a solid full-sized throw, grinds great and has a nice balanced gap width. Can’t really ask for anything more.




I couldnt decide between a Gnosis, a 2010 Severe, or Flying hut. I have them all and love them dearly.


Adam Brewster Peak :wink: