One left! Gaboon Ebony Cavemen Go FS

These are the last of the Ebony for now. Both sport a hand turned ebony axle as well. The first all black stats are:

All black is SOLD.
Diameter 51.5mm
Weight 59.6 grams
SOLD $80.00 shipped

The second one pictured has a bit of blond in the wood. Really sharp in person. Ya know how you go to a bar and look for a good vibe? I mean a really good vibe? Well if you are that person then this is the yoyo for you! Yea, has a pretty strong vibe. It plays, but it vibes. Discounted accordingly. :slight_smile:

Also, the non-engraved side has a V engraved in the top left, difficult to see in the pic. Iā€™d like to keep track of any that are sold with vibe.

Diameter 52mm
Weight 58.3 grams
$55.00 shipped



@pmdon thought i read you wanted one of these guys?

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I just love the way they look, beautiful work by @vegabomb. Thanks for keeping an eye out, tho!


my pleasure.

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Only one left for now.