One drops - for sale

I got a few one drops that I just didn’t enjoy as much as I thought I would , I am throwing them up and see if anyone would be interested. All prices include shipping - PayPal G&S, will provide additional photos and video of the YoYo in motion if you like. These are also listed on Facebook as well

Terrarian OG comes with blackspike Side effects - Sold

One drop SK gold colorway - 40 obo NMTBS

One drop gradient - dragon slayer - SOLD

Kuntosh 5000 QV - NQP - anodization flaw - sold

REV1 No Rug - Sold

1 to 1 - one rim has dings - fingernail vibe - 38.00 OBO

Benchmark 2013 - nmtbs - Sold


Would you be willing to do a deal on the Terrarian and the Kuntosh?

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Sent you a PM

Gradient, kuntosh, benchmark, terrarian, REV1, sold

Hey there, new to forums in general. What does NMTBS mean?

Hi @DocAck23 - NMTBS stands for Near Mint To Be Safe

Thanks for that. Could you private message me to discuss pricing? Don’t know how to do that yet lol


Thanks @sloangulliver

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