One Drop, YYF, Vintage FHZ's, Higby's, Bist, ILYY, MIB Sebby Bassalope For Sale

Prices marked are, “Or Best Cash Offer”

Custom Supernova, Ano by Jason Wong – Finish by One Drop $105

M1 by One Drop, I got it from Vendetta. He said he thinks it was painted by Brett but couldn’t remember for sure. Excellent player and looks great. $50

Yoga Flame Superstar $80

ILYY E1NS Mint $85

Bist Centaurian, Great pocket throw in mint condition $40

Sebby Bassalope Mint with Box $120[/IMG

Hyper Freehands w/Dice. $42 Each Shipped in the USA. One is stock one is sillied.

Higby FHZ $30

Purple FHZ $35 It must have started as a GlassEye. To my knowledge, GlassEye’s were the only Purple FHZ’s.

OG Bionic Freehand, Rare and Valuable. $50

Higby FHZ 2 $25

Higby FHZ 2 $25

Pair of Higby ProFly’s $20 shipped

Duncan Crew FHZ $25

I took the Y Factor and the Burnside off his hands! Bumpity bump bump, bumpity bump bump…look at Frosty go…

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