One Drop - Yelets - YoyoExpert Edition

Vote for the side of my Yelets that looks the best:
Yelets YYE Edition by TotalArtist Yoyos, on Flickr

This yo-yo, in this colorway, still available in the store:

I love that left one. It looks like it caught some disease in the middle, and it’s spreading out toward the rims. It looks sick…in more ways than one. :smiley: It is truly a unique work of art, I love it. One of the prettiest in my YoyoExpert Edition collection.

I like the right one more cause it reminds me of the Hara Kiri EKGs

It does have that same vibe :smiley:

The right one just looks cool

Wow The YYE Yelets looks really good. I say right because I really like the red and black. That sliver line/splash going across the cup look like a mustache to me. Now I want one!

^  It’s still in stock too, so you’ve got a chance to grab one.  :slight_smile:

Definitely like the Left side of this one. The right side just has too much black and red, if that’s a thing…

Left is killing it