One Drop Terrarian & Legendary Terrarian! New colors online now!


The latest One Drop yo-yo was created through an amazing partnership with independent game studio Re-Logic who develop the super fun 2D sandbox video game Terraria! You’ll stumble upon many One Drop models throughout your journey in the game, and now you can pick up the grand daddy of them all in real life! The Terrarian!

The Terrarian sports a wide wing shaped profile that was designed to easily take down enemies in the game and confidently slay the riskiest tricks in real life! The wide profile is comfortable in the hand and thanks to a new machining technique, One Drop was able to distribute the weight evenly enough to give this extra wide throw a powerful, yet floaty sensation during play.


And as is now tradition, the Legendary Terrarian is also coming to the real world. We are using the same technique as we did on the Seven Summits and the Kuntosh 5000QV: the Legendary Terrarian is made from 7075 aluminum alloy (the original is 6061) and the weight distribution is changed so the total weight is less than the original, even though 7075 is more dense (weighs more). What that means is it looks the same to your eye in play as the original, but it feels totally different. You will notice the visual changes in the cup. This procedure is now known as “Boosted”.


Looks like a little step by the rim inside the hub. I didn’t realise they changed the design on the original.


Yeah I noticed that step when taking pictures, but couldn’t remember if the last run had it or not. I think it’s new this run, but @da5id should be able to let us know.


Yes that is a small change for this run. We call that a “running change” which means it’s minor enough to not warrant calling it a new version. It doesn’t change the play at all. The purpose was to make it easier for us to make them smooth - it’s a back end thing.


With this small changes or not, this restock will be over soon… I read a lots of comments about people starting throwing because the Terraria context, and let’s face it it’s a good yoyo!