One Drop Rebirth: A High Speed YoYo Review

Every player has that one yo-yo, the one that just on looks alone made you want to learn how to throw. For some it was the Dark Magic with those metal rims, for others it may be the Miroc with those newfangled hubstacks. For me, the yo-yo that made me want to learn how to throw was the One Drop Project. I remember getting back into throwing around early 2009. I was looking around on the net for a new yo-yo after playing the heck out of my Lyn Fury. I decided I wanted a metal and hit up YoYoNation, THE store to go to back in the day… it is amazing how things have changed since then. There on the front page was the One Drop Project, this gorgeous soda blasted, clear anodized, yo-yo with these crazy grooves cut into the catch zone and an axle system design whose look has almost become iconic in the community. That yo-yo was gorgeous, and in my opinion still holds up as one of the best looking yo-yos of all time. Since then the yo-yo world has moved on. One Drop has released thirty-seven yo-yos, when factoring in all the benchmark variations, since the Project first dropped way back in the day. While time has been kind to the looks of the Project, the play has become a tad bit dated, something to be expected from a seven-year-old yo-yo. The walled gap and wide pads are not as friendly to the newer styles of play being shown off at yo-yo clubs, meet-ups, and competitions. One would think that would be the end of the Project but that is not the case. Enter the Rebirth, Ryosuke Kawamura’s signature yo-yo. Ryosuke is One Drop’s first Japanese team member and a huge fan of the classic One Drops from a bygone era, most notably the Project and Project 2. When it came time to make Ryosuke’s signature throw it should come as not surprise that he would want to update the Project design to fit his style of play.

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Another solid review, as always :slight_smile:

I am looking forward to your Armament review, as I am curious what you will think about it.

Nice job on the review I have to agree with every thing you just said cause I own one I’ve been using it everyday since I’ve gotten in the mail.

Ahem, Chris…

Project 2 == Flow Groove


Dang it, you are right. I forgot about that.

Fixed it, got my facts mixed up. I remember Shawn making a one off with OG pads and thought it was the reverse.

A Rebirth restock just happened :flushed: