One Drop Deep State Restock! New Colors!

Sadly I traded that one away I want it back…biggest trade regret ever!!!

Agreed! You absolutely do NOT need 2.

You need like 3 or 4!! lol

I love the way these Deep States look with halfswaps and would one day like to add a few more to my collection. I currently have 3…green/black, orange/black and orange/green.
Would love a red/black, red/green and purple/black at some point.

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I’ve got into a trade where he ACTUALLY DEMANDED LESS for the splash. Didn’t understand colorways, because I actually bought it for 10$ above solid price.

Also my friend at school got confused and said “Did ink spill on that?”

Metal art is weird

Wait, are you telling me, my deep state does not have the best colourway? Surely you must be joking!


I would love a green/grey Slytherin halfswap. Hit me up if you wanna try to make it happen!

Edit: I will do this with anyone in the U.S., not just Mr. Green Yoyo Man.