One Drop Clear Rally for sale

Selling a One Drop Clear Rally. Barely used, ceramic 10 ball bearing and new string.DSCN0898 DSCN0900 DSCN0897

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Pretty sure pics are apart of the rules for posting on the BST. Like price, condition, etc etc.

I am not sure of the price, could you help me out?

To a collector, if it’s mint with box, starting at retail is good. Since these arnt made anymore a little above retail is ok.

All depends what it’s worth to you though.

I’ve never seen a clear rally come up for sale, plus this has a fancy ceramic bearing so I’d charge original retail if I were you.

They popped up a lot years ago but not so much anymore. Rallies aren’t super sought after though either way. Would say $40 cuz ceramic bearing.

If there are no cracks, I would say $50 to start. Ive also never seen a clear one come up on the BSTs at least in the last few years, ive not seen any,

No cracks, no scuffs, no scratches, no dents, just dusty.


Any offers guys?
I need some quick cash.

I suggest cross-posting to the reddit and facebook b/s/t if you have urgent need to sell. Reddit at least doesn’t require signing up for the Facebook data collection machine :wink:

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