One Drop - Burnside - YoyoExpert Edition


Which side of my Burnside looks better:
Burnside YYE Edition by TotalArtist Yoyos, on Flickr

(Amplified) #2



I like left side, it has a lot more “action” or something, idk :smiley:


There’s to much white on the right. With the left side it has a nice contrast of white and black that the right side doesn’t give me. I choose left. But it’s your opinion TA!


I just bought another one, exact same colorway from MikeEff. It actually has two good sides. I can’t wait to put that one on here. Maybe i’ll do a Splash Game double. :slight_smile:


Sweet! I’m looking for a chief atm :stuck_out_tongue:


Left, much more even

(Erik Kerber ) #8