Once Opon a Time

I decided to see if people wanted a contest to win a werrd 4xl with rice-stacks. If at least twenty people were willing to pay 5 dollars on PayPal i would put each of their names in a hat. Shipping on me. What do you think?

??? I don’t think I understand. Is this a contest? It sounds more like a raffle. I’m not in favor of a raffle, a raffle’s no good. What’s the contest, how do we compete to WIN the werrd 4xl with rice stacks?

Yeah I guess it is sort of a raffle. You compete by paying 5 dollars to my paypal. If any person thinks this is a scam you just have to look at the statistics.

No. This will not happen on the forums. If you want to run this on a private site, go ahead, but be prepared to deal with all sorts of raffle/gambling type laws.

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