Old Guy Yo

Hey folks! A while back I made a video. Now I can link it here! Nothing super awesome, just an old guy doing simple stuff. Hope y’all enjoy it.


The link brings you to YouTube but not a specific video.

Sorry. Is that better?


Nice vid! I have that same shirt!


Great! Really, just great - good for you!

I’m in my 50’s, and to this point, I just know single tricks - some advanced, such as Boingy Boing, Suicides, Finger Spins, Gyro Flops - but I’ve not yet delved Into many of the trapeze/chopstick style tricks I see you doing so well…the kind that flow into each other.

You’ve inspired me to start branching out!

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Dang, pretty smooth.

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Nice job man

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Thanks all! Glad you like it.

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I’m an old guy too who isn’t nearly as good. Very inspiring!

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This is just AWESOME. perfect music and nice flow. Just started myself at 43 y/o but yur giving me something to shoot for.

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Excellent! I’m 82 and you are much better than me!