Oklahoma State yoyo contest!!

Come take a look!!!


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SaWEET! Can’t wait. :slight_smile:

you guys are soo lucky to live in the states!!! me and my buddy are pretty serious yoyoers and there is no copmitions in atlantic canada and the closes stat to us is maine and it takes 8 hours to get there!!! ughhh… lucky

Well on the 23rd of this month I’ll be driving 10 hours to a contest so…


to oklahoma for me takes a week maybe more for me

What state are you over? Maybe there is a contest in the states but still near you.

Shut up Jason. lol

i want to try to go!



More outsiders need to come!

Two weeks!!!

You guy’s will LOVE what Andre sent!!!

Of course he’s not going.

Go to the ayya site and see if Ohio has one. Don’d dirty up this thread with off topic mumbo contesto.

next weekend!

Major change of plans for the competition. We are having to move the contest 1 hour earlier due to unforeseen things at the venue. Please tell anyone you know that is coming!

Registration is now at 10:00 and the ladder starts at 11:00am.

I want to go but live in KY. :’( :’( Wat did Andre send.

he send a bunch of gift cards which is totally cool. and also a BUNCH of trading cards. Killer stuff. He sent a lot of money’s worth of gift cards.

Today is the DAY!!

That was a pretty fun contest. Lots of cool people and cool things.

Did anybody happen to get an X-ConVict in their case? I seem to be missing mine. It’s pretty much mint and black. Should still have the caps. I think it’s probably just a case of mistaken replacement of yoyo so I’m sure it’s in somebody’s case. If you have it, just let me know and we can work something out. Thanks.