Ohh what to Buy

Well im so Tore on what to buy, i currently have a Yomega Dash, but im really thinking of getting a new yoyo, but i got like 5 that i want, just looking for yall opinions. Im looking to spend no more then $60 bux. Choices from first to last.

DV888 - Honestly seems to be the best for your money at that price.
Dark Magic
RecRev Carbon

Any feedback would be appreciated thanks.

Those are all great yo-yos but what works for you will depend on your preferences. If your looking for something you know you’ll like then pick the one that is most simmilar to other yoyos you like. If you want something different then pick one with a radically different shape like the dingo cause it’s a mini. Also if you do decide to try something new then there’s always the Bst you might be able to trade or sell the yoyo even though you don’t like it. That’s just my two cents

thanks for the reply, yeah i want something kinda in the same size like my Dash, i diddnt know it was a mini its not smaller then the pop star. i wish i could get the specs of the dash, that would help out so much ha

i think a zeekio splash or get a duncan raptor when its in store

yeah Raptor is already out @ bretts site highspeedyoyo.com. But yeah i don’t want that, i want a higher end yaya, thoes 5 are what i really want hehe

out of those five then i would say the carbon