OG Dark Magic’s FS

Here are ten for sale. The ones with raw rims have normal raw marks from handling. No major damages. Please ask any questions you may have.

Difficult to price these. I’ll take offers please.

Edit- the green/raw rimmed is a sili recess mod. Pic added.

Added a pic of 4, 5 and 8. Also note that 8 is 2006 Nationals.


I’ll reference by number. 1 is top left and 10 is bottom right.

#7 sold $110.00 (the 2006 Worlds)
#1 sold $80.00 (YYN)


Fantastic throws In the lot. I would think the pricing on the 06 and 07 with the full wrap would be $150ish, the more regular national ones $100, and the others around $75-80. I’m sure you’re getting some offers that are way crazier than this though.


A couple sold a bunch left.

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Still some left.

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