Odd metal references. PLEASE HELP!

I have a bit of an odd request to you peoples. Can you help me come up with odd metal references. For example
Silver Surfer
Centrum Silver
(Various Medals)

This is all I have thus far, but I wish to get more.

Heavy metal
Titanium (the song)
Idk that is a weird question… Why?

Iron Soldier
Iron Titan
Metal Gear Solid

Iron Giant
Man of Steel

Full Metal Alchemist
Real Steel
That Metal Show

Copper (from The Fox and the Hound)

With the strings I sell I have started to implement a small modification to one of the types I sell. In essence a few of the styles of “Economy” strings have names that are odd metal references. Ex Red with Yellow accents=Iron man. I’m not sure if I want to go broadcasting that the accent threads are an amazing change, but I feel like for now naming them after metal related things helps to differentiate them. Just to clarify the accents in these strings are a different thread type, but the base which makes up more than 80% of the string is “Economy thread.”

Also major thanks to all persons who have listed references.

no problem! And btw that’s a really neat idea!

Thank you

Steel Guitar
Steel Drum


Architectural Bronze

Iron Giant

Iron Ore.

Brass Knuckle

Really you need look no further than the lanthanoids or actinoids: americium,californium or einsteinium anyone?

I just thought of that before I got here

I really like this one


I also thought of
“The Mighty Thorium”

Fools gold

I’ve actually been thinking about calling a few off color strings Fools (insert metal here)
Examples Red with Neon Yellow Fools Iron or Gold with neon Yellow Fools Gold.

Y’all might be happy to know that I am using
Heavy Metal
Fools Gold

and I plan on using
Metal show
Brass knuckle
Man of Steel
and Possibly Steel Guitar. (Gotta get a color sheme for that.

Those are great!

I might use this one soon as well.