OD Gradient and Cabal for sale

One Drops and a CLYW for sale

All prices are shipped.  Any boxes and/or extras are pictured.  Damage is noted and pictured.

One Drop Gradient https://imgur.com/a/fiTly - Shogun - $55  Took me forever to find this colorway.  No damage but it has moderate fingernail vibe.  Does not affect play.

One Drop Cabal https://imgur.com/a/KaAry - blue and orange dye - $45 Blue to orange fade dye job.  Purplish where the colors meet and when spinning.  No damage. Finish is smooth, not blasted.

Sold Items

One Drop MMC https://imgur.com/a/vp9V4 - Clear - $55 PENDING.  One small scratch that breaks ano pictured.  Plays great.  Comes with both sets of MarkMont SEs   GONE

One Drop Parlay https://imgur.com/a/9iaKO - Black matter fade - $55  Colorway and packaging only available during the pre-release.  Comes with all extras (strings, pads, stickers) EXCEPT the brass flat cap SEs.  Only flaw is an ano flaw that it came with from One Drop. GONE

One Drop Kraken https://imgur.com/a/DmZNc - Martian Saucer - $45  Got it directly from One Drop.  Minimal play and no damage. GONE

FG CLYW Sasquatch https://imgur.com/a/TgcBb - $45 $40 Not sure what colorway is called but it looks soo good.  From the latest run (i.e. takes pads) and was manufactured before CLYW moved production overseas.  Plays great, not sure why marked as FG. Edit, I just found a scuff (pictured).  Price reduced. GONE

One Drop 54 https://imgur.com/a/m4A73 - Ghostrain? - $45 PENDING  Unengraved and comes with ULs.  No damage, plays great.

One Drop Rebirth https://imgur.com/a/stQnO - Brown with peach and gold splash - $30  Several large scratches and UL side effects need new O rings (can ship with new flat caps if preferred).  Still plays great. GONE

Not really looking for trades.  Thanks!