NYYR: White Blackberry Torch 9810 like new condition

Hello guys and gals.

So I recently put my old blackberry torch (9810) on eBay and the winning party decided not to pay or take the time to respond to my many messages.

I thought I’d put it on the forums before I related it. Maybe one of you could use a new phone or try out a blackberry?

Blackberry Torch 9810 (AT&T): restored to factory settings, never hacked, owned for 4 months, two tiny tiny paint chips, comes with everything you’d get from the AT&T store.

Looking for $200 or a Sovereign. Offer. No lowballs. I will accept combinations of cash and good condition yoyos. I’m particularly interested in Ti.

Also looking for a BM 42. If you know what that is and want to let go of yours please pm me. We can work something out.

This won’t be up long. Even less if I don’t get any interest. I had 20+ bids last time it was up. It will sell. Highest bid was $250. Get it while it’s cheap!