NYYR FS/T: Asus Transformer Tablet, Ipod touch 4th gen, Smartphones

I feel that my feedback is high enough so that i can now be trusted to handle more expensive things on this forum. I can do Paypal or Money order or whatever, but dont expect me to ship until ive verified the funds. Feel free to FREE BUMP me. So heres what i got:

Hey guys, now i dont know how many of you out there are interested in tablets and this forum is the last place that i would throw this up, but here goes.

As the title says, i have an Asus Transformer Tablet with the Keyboard dock, which technically makes this tablet a netbook. I bought it three months ago and havent had a use for it at all. I let a friend borrow it and didnt care that it was gone. Its just an expensive and unnecessary gadget to have laying around and i wanted to see who was interested. There is a case that comes with the tablet and the tablet has a ZAGG screen protector on it.

I paid over $500 for it all, brand new. Offer on this guy!
(its really mint and looks exactly like the picture. If i took a picture, which ive tried, it looks kinda dull and the screens light just makes things worse, so look at this link and thats what youre getting)

Next thing on the list is a 4th generation iPod Touch 8gb. This guy has been around with me for 6 months but has not gotten any scratches on the screen or anything like that. Im looking to sell this. Offer away.

Now for all you virgin mobile fans, if there are any, i have a Virgin Mobile LG Optimus Q (slider keyboard) for sale. Im asking like $110 shipped. Its completely mint and has only been turned on once in the 2 months that ive had it.

Last thing, is I have a Verizon HTC Thunderbolt that has one small problem. There are 3 small black lines running through the top of the screen and i have no idea how they got there or whatnot. The phone runs well and is super responsive and super customizable and has no other problems other than this. If youre tech savvy, like i am somewhat, then i can say that the screen digitizer ribbon cable may have a dead pixle or has scratches on it. I dont know how that happened, but its a $30-$40 fix for a new screen and thats why im selling it for this low price. $70 shipped.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:HTC_Thunderbolt.JPG (this is what the phone looks like. its not my phone, but so you can see which phone im talking about)

explanation of wants: ALL OF THIS FOR A 2011 (minimum of 15") MACBOOK PRO, without hesitation.
IM VERY VERY VERY interested in any ASUS REPUBLIC OF GAMERS series laptop.
IF YOURE GOING TO OFFER YOYOS, THEN I WILL CONJURE UP A SMALL LIST OF WANTS (SMALL LIST is emphasized mostly cause im looking for money or another laptop as mentioned).

Asus Republic of Gamers laptop
Asus i3 or i5 processor laptop
Macbook Pro 15"
Ipad 2 or 3
More money

YYF Genesis (light blue, green, or red. nothing else)
CLYW Chief (heavier runs; blue, pink, green, or purple (no idea if there any purple heavy chiefs))