Nova YooYo

Hey, well i just bought the Nova yoyo but its so unresponsive, im not used to it…any tips will be appreciated. Any ways to make it more responsive, its straight out the box almost

so you bought a nova wanting a responsive yoyo?
anyways, to make it responsive, lube the bearing. thick or thin, it doesn’t matter. just lube it.

What would be a better idea though, learn to bind.

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Binds learn them and really get them down. If you already know binds try wrapping the slack around the bearing twice,

Yeah, you have to lube it, or put in a thin bearing

So unresponsive how? Is it harder to bind than other yoyos or is it that you thought it would be responsive. In the first one work on your bind more, make sure you pinch the string when you bind and on the second one you would need to lube it to make it responsive.