Not one, but two. New addition to my collection.

Found these about 30 days apart. One with a green and the other with a brown yo-yo. These are so cool. They have a lot going for them. 4 different pins. 3 World yo-yo club official membership card’s. Round instruction book. 2 cartoon stick on patches and extra strings. And of course imaging of a true yo-yo legend Linda Sengpel. Best of all, still fatory sealed. It’s a good day to be a collector. tim

Those look pretty awesome. You sure do pick up a lot of neat stuff. ;D

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Thanks, it takes a lot of looking and work, but I do love them. tim

I don’t even want to be a collector like you are, as I throw what I am able to get.

Still, someone has to do it. You seem to get tons of sweet stuff. Thank goodness someone does this sort of thing and posts pictures. You’re definitely having tons of fun!

cool! though i must ask, where do you find all this stuff?

At the finding stuff store. tim