Not Official- SPYY yoyo contest.

what do u think?

The contest requires a responsive yoyo . just if you were wondering.

Mellow vibe to it.

How come it seems like you’re in a cramped space?

i am lol in a hallway i dont have a tripod im ghetto i use a ledge.

Everyone always forgets that extra roll in the Matrix!!! It annoys me so much!

realy. hmm i wasnt trying to do the matrix but i could add it in there. that is kinda sumthin me n my friend phil do alot . lol

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Oops, I didn’t mean to thank you. Anyways, that was just really the Matrix with out the extra roll you know.

ya its an extra roll over your non throwhhand. but it was my friend robbie trying to learn did that and showed us and we never stopped doing it. this is not good yoyoing at all but with a responsive yoyo its pretty good. i got the brent stole with only 1 pad in but its still responsive.

any suggestions??

Maybe make the lighting a bit brighter?