Northeast Tennessee?

Am I all alone over in this corner. ??? Bristol, Kingsport, Johnson City?

I was born in Johnson city actually. We would move there but we can’t find the right house…

Cool. We are trying to move over to JC from Kingsport. Don’t know when though and Winter is approaching.

i live in Johnson city

you need to go to the tennessee statae yoyo contest its november 5th at rockettown in downtown nashville , it starts at 10. 5$ admission or 15$ to compete

i would but i broke my ankle so ive been yoyoing sitting down lately but my friend is going

Trying to move to J.C. and planing a trip home to Florida in spring with my Family… this year is a no go for me.

Yo Hydra, have you heard of a small yoyo club out your way. I have only heard rumor of one from the Bear and Friends shop over here in Kpt.

Busy time. We got a place in JC now. Time for packing and moving. ;D