No longer my b-day, still sell me your TP bimetals!

Hello all,

I chose today to post this because today is a special day that you can make even better!!
And the best part is, you don’t spend a dime! In fact, you take my dimes in exchange for your TP bimetals.

Looking for any older model bimetals such as:
- palpitation
- colony
- anubis

Priority for Anubis and colony! Will offer good for splashes I like.

as well as
- black hinemosu

Show me what you got! Thank you!


birthday ending soon… quick ! May even offer over retail ++

I don’t have any of the above, but Happy Birthday🎉 @ChowChowNow

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Birthday over, but the search continues

I may have some TP ti for sale if you are interested

b as in bump

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B as in bimetal

B as in anuBis

B as in blue


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